NTT Audi Centre East London

Name: NTT Audi Centre East London
Tel: 087 286 3200
Address: 35 Wyse avenue, East London

Vorsprung Durch Technik is not only a promise, but, a basic philosophy of Audi Centre East London, which drives all of our activities and helps us set new standards with the latest technology and innovative design. It is also our company philosophy to develop and retain customers by being consistent in our service delivery and quality. Competent staff focus on meeting deadlines and giving customer satisfaction. We are a highly experienced team, trained to provide the best service to our customers. Every consideration is given to environmental and community projects as part of our commitment to the economic, social and environmental responsibilities as citizens of South Africa. We contribute to the growth and development of South Africa and continue to make inroads in the economic development of South Africa to the benefit of the larger community of South Africa.